Sunday, March 18, 2012

Brush technique

Looking for some extra info on how to use brushes, I ran into some great YouTube video's. I decided to add it all into a comprehensive overview of available learning resources and some stunning examples on brush technique. All in all, I believe the below material provides you with several months, if not years of learning. Enjoy!

Peter Erskin on the Vic Firth Education Resource Center
To start with, here's a series of 6 YouTube video's, by my compatriot Peter Erskine (as featured on the Vic Firth Education Resource Center)
  1. Developing a legato sound
  2. Articulation
  3. Basic Time Patterns
  4. Time keeping
  5. Bossa / Pop Grooves
  6. Medium/Fast Jazz
Below video collection will launch all 6 of them in a row.

The art of Brushes
Next, a series of excerpts from the DVD "The art of brushes" (as available on YouTube), featuring:
To view all excerpts in a row, use the below YouTube collection.

Stefan Bagnoli
Stefano Bagnoli at the Drum Brother Project

Clayton Cameron
Clayton is the author of the great book "Brushworks: The new language for Playing Brushes". I happen to be the owner of the book and can confirm that it's worth the money.

Below YouTube materials show the brush master in action on some drum shows. No comment!

Florian Alexandru-Zorn
Florian Alexandru-Zorn seems to be one of the new kids on the block. He released the book "The Complete Guide to Playing Brushes" as well as more recently the 2DVD "The Brush Secret". Some of the materials of the DVD are available through the website of the "The Bush Secret", and are also featured on the Evan's website.

Evans website
The Evans drumheads website has some great video's by:
Some other resources

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