Wednesday, February 8, 2012

All the junk in the world

The fact is that over the years I've "collected" (read: picked up) a lot of second hand drum and percussion materials. The objective has always been to "make something out of nothing".

I've added some pictures to illustrate what types of junk I'm talking about.

Children's drum set. Picked it up for 25€(?) of so about 4-5 years back. It's a 20" BD with a single 12" tom and a 13" snare. BD and tom sound pretty good. The snare is utter crap. There's no single sign of what brand this is. Any one who's every seen something like this and can shed some light on the origins of this thing, please add a comment to this page or contact me.

Some left-overs from the marching band in my home town. A huge 2?" "bass-drum", a 14" deep tenor and a 13,5" used-to be snare.  (You cannot see the original shape of tenor and snare any more as transformed the 14" tenor into a mini bass-drum that I use together with a 10" snare as compact practice and travel kit.) This pile of drums also came with a 20" Zildjian Cymbal.

So I hope to show in my next posts, what I'm able to make out of this junk.

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