Sunday, February 12, 2012

Suitcase drums

I've spend quite a lot of time looking for portable drum set. I guess it's logical for drummers to do so. If you are a very active drummer and need to move around a lot from rehearsal to rehearsal or gig to gig, you can develop a serious hernia carrying around those double bass drums (if that's your style).

Over the years I found a lot of great ideas (both commercial and do-it-yourself) on the subject of portable drums, including the Yamaha hipgig sets, jungle drums, cocktail drums, the Pearl rhythm traveler, and of course the great and friendly advice of many to just go electronic or plainly use a drum computer.

While looking around on the topic of extremely portable drum sets, I ran into the suitcase drum, a drum set that fits into a suitcase and where the suitcase functions as the bass drum. I believe so far this is the most original and most inexpensive idea I have ran into, so I've added some details here.


Mike Reetz, who seems to be the guy who came up with this, has written an extensive tutorial on the topic and has posted this YouTube video explaining where his idea came from.


It seems a whole list of people have actually made their own, including:
So, yet another topic on my "do it yourself drum" list.

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